Subject: Why and How can a Company Use Cloud?

To Whom It May Concern

Cloud computing is an off-premise model of computing that enables users to access IT resources at any time, from anywhere, on an on-demand basis, through the Internet.

The main characteristics that cloud computing can have are on-demand usage, ubiquitous access, multi-tenancy and resource pooling, elasticity, measured usage and resiliency. 

Actually P. Viswanathan listed  the main advantages of cloud as cost efficient, almost unlimited storage, reliable backup and recovery, automatic software integration, easy access to information from anywhere with Internet connection, and quick deployment. She also pointed out the main disadvantages of cloud as possible outages of cloud services and connection, security concern in terms of putting company’s sensitive information to third-party and being prone to attack over Internet. 

But anything has its pros and cons. As long as we understand the possible threatens and then use cloud properly with technical and non-technical measures, a cloud-based solution can prove to be a great option.

Since cloud enable fast initiative and low up-front cost, I could help with making prototype applications for testing purpose from the very beginning. We could conducted a series of system testing including parallel testing that runs the cloud application and existing ones at the same time to if the cloud can replace the current IT application.  

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