Sunday, December 22, 2013

Real Cases of Web Testing (online bookstore)

Welcome to this blog where we can find real cases of testing web applications. I believe that testing is an inherent part of any great web application, especially in an era that everything is networked by web.

My name is Isaac D. Mao, and I hold a Master degree in Quality System Engineering from Concordia University (Montreal, Canada) and also a graduate student in Information Systems Security. I have been working with a leading search engine company as a web tester since 2007. I also worked for Technology Evaluation Center (Canada) on enterprise software evaluation. My other job profile includes IT Support Analyst, Web services consultant.

Below you will find the outline of a real case that we will discuss later. 
  1. Installation and configuration of LoadRunner 8.0. 
  2. Installation and configuration of Java SDK and Tomcat.
  3. Installation and configuration of an online bookstore.
  4. Testing the User Management module.
  5. Testing the Online-Shopping module (functional, performance, page and security testing).
  6. Testing the Book Management module.
  7. Testing the Notification module.
  8. Testing the External Links module.
  9. Testing the Message Board module.
  10. Testing the Order Management module.
  11. Testing the Homepage.
  12. Testing Report.